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April 2010
Blessed Easter
February 2010
Happy Chinese New Year 2010!
December 2009
Blessed Christmas 2009
November 2009
Nick Pitera
R.I.P. Geocities
Guy Fawkes Night
August 2009
Transfer Review
July 2009
DIY Self-Inking Stamp
June 2009
My First Time at a Theatre
May 2009
Rushing for a Conference Deadline
April 2009
Temporary Haitus
March 2009
Ampleforth Abbey
The Mystery of the Missing Hour
My Chinese New Year Cooking for 9 People
The Biography of a Sustainable Snowman
February 2009
Shrove Tuesday
Winter Wonderland in Leeds 2009 (Part 2)
Winter Wonderland in Leeds 2009 (Part 1)
On New Web Hosts and Creative Juices
January 2009
Happy Chinese New Year 2009!
What Should I Do?
Weird Body Shampoo
Reflections for 2008, Looking Forward to 2009
December 2008
Happy Christmas 2008!
Conwy (Revisited)
The Tales of Beedle the Bard
Snow in Leeds 2008
November 2008
Moldy Moldy
Random Conversations
Bonfire Night
October 2008
End of Daylight Saving Time
First Cooking in Leeds 2008
First Weekend: Grocery Shopping
September 2008
First Week in Leeds: Eating-out and Taking-away
Flying With Singapore Airlines (Part 2)
Flying With Singapore Airlines (Part 1)
Starting My PhD
August 2008
Searching for Home, from the Air
Resignation from Multimedia University
July 2008
Bak Kut Teh @ Sungei Way
Yoshinoya @ 1 Utama
Retreat in Port Dickson
Food, Glorious Food
June 2008
End of a trimester
My Final Year Project
Online Academic Evaluation
Backing Up Old Emails to Gmail
Student Projects
May 2008
Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise?
Bargaining for Marks
Marking Assignments
April 2008
My Workplace (Part 3)
My Workplace (Part 2)
My Workplace (Part 1)
Award Letter
Mid-term Test from the Eyes of an Academic
March 2008
Yet Another Bathroom Assistant
Blackout Curtains
Job Application
February 2008
Bathroom Assistants
Mahjong Session
Flying from KL to Kelantan and Back
Burgers Burgers
On My Way to Work...
I Shook Hands with Dr. M!
Happy Chinese New Year 2008!
Spending Money on Fashion
January 2008
Kuih Bakul
End of Second Trimester, Start of Third Trimester
My Laptop is Back (Again?)
Whilst Preparing for Next Semester...
How I Spent My New Year Day
In the Examination Hall
2007 departs, 2008 arrives
December 2007
RapidKL: See How First
Arrival of Excess Baggage
Merry Christmas 2007
First Cooking Back in Malaysia
November 2007
My Laptop is Back
There Are Often Only Few Nephews in View
New Domain Name
October 2007
What's Next?
Gmail Storage Increase
What I Miss About the UK
Window Shopping
Flying with Emirates
Luggages and Chocolates
University of Leeds, Leeds
Dissertation Results
September 2007
Warwick Castle, Warwick
Eating out in Germany
Potsdam, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Completion of M.Sc. Dissertation
Food Indulgence in Italy
Rome, Italy
August 2007
Infeasible or Unfeasible?
Vatican City
Florence, Italy
July 2007
Pisa, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy
Milan, Italy
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Eindhoven Airport
Kinderdijk, the Netherlands
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Graduation Ceremony
Off to Europe
June 2007
End of Second Semester
Experiment with Crisps
Grocery Shopping Bill
Moving to a New Room!
More Trojans!
The Battle with the Trojans (and Worms) - Part 2
The Battle with The Trojans - Part 1
What time is it?
I Am A Mastermind!
May 2007
ISS Clusters Seat Availability
Stewed Pork Feet
Brain Gender
Strawberries and Pimms
Exams! (>.<)
24 hour PC no more...
Linear Equations!
Picnic in the Park
Golden Fields
April 2007
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh, Scotland
No more P2P software?!
Cold Shower
Mister Monday
Conwy, North Wales
Bodnant Garden, North Wales
Liverpool Revisited (Part 2): Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
Liverpool Revisited (Part 1): Liverpool Cathedral
Easter, Eggs and Chocolates
Signs of Spring
Roundhay Park, Leeds
Palm Sunday
March 2007
Danish Pastries
Spring Forward, Fall Backward
Let's Go to the Movies!
Behind Every Dish...
Guess the Integers!
Crazy Weather
Happy Mothers' Day
Free Goodies!
School of Computing, University of Leeds
Bits of Britain #4: Traffic Lights
February 2007
Bits of Britain #3: Cashback
Pancake Day
Happy Chinese New Year!
Food the British Way
Grocery Shopping Temptations
January 2007
Bits of Britain #2: Buses and Coaches
Ice-skating in Bradford
Snow in Leeds
Snow... or sleet?
Manchester Revisited
Strong Winds
Exam Notice
End of First Semester
Bits of Britain #1: Telling Time
The Ice-cream-shop Quartet
Char Kuey Teow
Siew Yuk and Char Siew Rice
Christkindelmarkt (Part 2)
The Little Hummer Boy
Reflections for 2006...
December 2006
Boxing Day
Christkindelmarkt (Part 1)
Merry Christmas!
Happy Winter Solstice Festival
Money Money
My Long Lost Octuplets!
Grassington Dickensian Christmas Festival
My Cooking
Visa Visa
November 2006
Ten Drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci
Visualisation and Virtual Reality Group Open Day
Harry Potter's Schoolbag!
Malaysian English
Toffee Apples!
Something Useless...
The Sound of Music... the Family Guy way!
Just Felt Like Writing in Chinese...
October 2006
As Darkness Envelopes...
I've Gained 1 Hour!
My Camera Is Back!
Adventures of the Gingerbread Pigs
I'm Feeling Good!
DVD-RAM Rocks!
Char Siew Rice
One Assignment Down!
83.48 pounds?!!
Current Weather
My Camera is Broken!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
I Don't Know My Name!
Frozen Apples
September 2006
First Real Cooking!
Second day in the kitchen!
My First Cooking!
Jalan Jalan Cari Makan (Or rather instant microwavable food)
It Has Been One Week!
Flying with MAS
Josiah's Adventures in the UK (Part 3)
Josiah's Adventures in the UK (Part 2)
Josiah's Adventures in the UK (Part 1)
(Un)Grand opening!!